The network has information about the device LED optics of the new E-Class in the back of W213.

Teardrop shape is similar to that used on the models C-Class and S-Class. During the day, the new lights will shine at full capacity at night - 80%, and during parking brightness automatically falls to 60%. This scheme has been used for reasons of energy saving and safety (in order not to dazzle neighbors downstream).

By the way, the new E-Class is all these goals. For example, the driver can save time on a close parking, driving a car with a smartphone, and semi-automatic control system that operates up to 200 kilometers per hour, will relax on long journeys on the highway.

In turn, the system of automatic braking, coupled with active steering without the driver allows to overtake the sudden obstacle.

The premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is scheduled for January at the Detroit auto show.