At the end of the year in the Chinese market will the local version of the famous Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

BAIC BJ80S SUV - a full-size copy of the Mercedes G-Class. Initially the model was created for the army, but then it was decided to issue and the civil version (pre-production version was first shown to the public at last year's Beijing Auto Show), but the concern Daimler, which owns part of the stake in the concern BAIC Group, resisted the entry of a clone of the legendary model.

Now the two sides reached a compromise, and, as reported by the Chinese press, model BJ80S end of this year is expected to reach the market. Interestingly, a copy of the original to get even bigger: the length of "Chinese" - 4780 mm, while the real "Gelendevagen" stretched for 4686. BAIC also has 50 mm more wheelbase.

Interestingly, the first for "pseudogelendvagen" was announced a 2.4-liter 142-horsepower gasoline engine, but now insiders have reported that under the hood of the SUV will be 2.3 turbo engine from the Saab 250 hp This is not a copy! In 2009, BAIC quite officially bought GM's right to use Swedish technology.

Unfortunately, what it would cost "Beijing Jeep" (the abbreviation stands for BJ), sources from China have not yet reported. But we can assume that the difference is substantial: so crossover Landwind X7, a clone of the Range Rover Evoque, in China costs from 21,700 to 24,200 dollars, which is three times less than the original asking for Evoque.