Company Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Renault have developed a special device noise eVADER, that will make electric vehicles more visible to people with low vision.

As transfers edition of Autocar, unusual sound will be broadcast live on the street with six speakers to alert pedestrians and cyclists if these should appear in the field of view camera mounted behind the windshield. Designed by the sound of five decibels quieter than the average emits a petrol or diesel car.

One of the first system eVADER get electric car Nissan Leaf, which were tested. But since 2019 all electric models for sales in Europe should be mandatory to have a similar system in the equipment. By the way, a manufacturer of musical instruments Roland previously announced the release of a similar "siren."

As we passed earlier, modern society electric vehicles still a little interesting: according to the results of another study of the US market, the demand for electric cars and hybrids over the past two years have not changed.

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