Cars in the USA are rising in price that together with the growing scale of comments altered the balance of power in the local market.

How passes Automotive News, according to a study of Americans' satisfaction with their cars, conducted by the publication of Automobiles Report, against the backdrop of the global economic crisis over the last year the company Mercedes-Benz has given way to the first place in the ranking of the luxury division of Toyota - brand Lexus.


Following the results of 2015 the mean score of satisfaction from new cars in the United States fell in 2014 compared with 3.7% a year to 79 out of 100 possible. The result of the company's Lexus was 84 points, while Mercedes-Benz shared second place with companies Acura and Lincoln - at them on 83 points. In third place with a score of 82 points proved to BMW, Subaru and Toyota.

The result of the company Hyundai, as a year earlier , is 81 points . Further, with the result of 80 points followed by Buick, Cadillac ( Both are included in the group General Motors), as well as Honda, Mazda and Volkswagen. The list is the brand Jeep, Chrysler and Fiat, which are part of the Group Fiat Chrysler cars.

Meanwhile, according to the results of global new vehicle sales of the premium segment in July 2015 he became the leader of the company Mercedes-Benz. The automaker from Stuttgart with a slight delay gave way to the BMW and Audi.