Thanks to unique new technology of Transparent Trailer any trailer limit visibility back, will look transparent in a rear-view mirror.

Engineers of the British company continued to gush forth new ideas and successfully them to realize. This time they decide to win blind zones at the review back which was form during towage of a trailer, the trailer for horses or a boat. The transparency of the trailer provided special algorithm of processing of the information from a rear-view camera, pairs chambers in lateral mirrors, and also distantsionno of the work chamber establish on a back wall of the tow trailer.

Difficult processes on combination the several potokovykh of translations remained out of sight of the driver who observed in a rear-view mirror (which actually are the LCD monitor) a full picture of the trailer occur behind through a contour.

Naturally, Transparent Trailer are very useful and during movement by a backing: thanks to distantsionno to the work chamber on the trailer the driver distinctly saw that occurred behind, and could precisely position it thanks to direct marking.

British on would be themselves if d not allocate new system with one more useful function. The matter is that carr out transportation of animals or something that demanded care, periodic control are necessary. With Transparent Trailer it are easy and conveniently to do it, as the image of the internal chamber could be broadcast as on the screen of multimedia system, and the smart phone. Moreover, it are possible to expand the list of sensor controls at the expense of the gage of temperature. In case the temperature in the trailer with a horsy will fall below norm, the driver will receive a warn signal on the phone.

Let's remind that announcing still two interesting features in this summer of Land Rover. It is a question of system of Pothole Alert analyz in a mode of real time a condition of a road covering, the arrang characteristic of shock-absorbers and even hand over the information to other cars by air.

That who often got out on impassability or had problems with a parking the system of remote driving by the car which allowed to operate an off-road car by means of the smart phone are useful.