This time to severe test subject the versatile person of Toyota Avensis and a couple of minivans: Volkswagen Touran and Ford Galaxy. All examinees receiv the maximum five stars.

The versatile person of Toyota Avensis during Euro NCAP krash-dough proving "good fellow". For protection of the driver and the forward passenger the car typing 93 %, thus the best result are show at side-winders and behind. And here at both face-to-face blows not all so are unequivocal. Alarm protection of a torso of the forward passenger during a head-on collision, whereas caused face-to-face blow with partial overlapping not set some danger to a torso and feet of the driver. There are a probability of reception of traumas of hips of forward horsemen for both.

On a photo: krash-test of Toyota Avensis

Protection of small passengers are at high level (85 %). 78 % the versatile person receiving for protection of pedestrians. The least danger in case of arrival are represent by a bumper; considerably the bolshy risk of reception of traumas arose at blow about forward racks of a car. Level of a complete set of Avensis systems of safety receiving an estimation 81 %. Excellent results show by Volkswagen Touran. The estimation for protection of the driver and the forward passenger making 88 %. The easy anxiety are caus by the rais loadings on feet and a thorax of the driver, and also a foot of the forward passenger at face-to-face blow with partial overlapping. "Sufficient" level of protection provided the car to the forward passenger at standard face-to-face blow.

On a photo: tests of VW Touran

Touran showing the highest level of protection of children (89 %) in the g trio of examinees. And here to pedestrians carrying slightly less – only 71 %, thus potentially dangerous zones was forward racks, and at contact with a forward edge of a cowl traumas of a basin was possible. Systems of safety experts of Euro NCAP estimat level of ukomplektovannost in 76 %.

Finished our today's review of Ford Galaxy which had receiv on 87 % for protection of the driver and the forward passenger, and also children. At face-to-face collision with absolute overlapping a trauma of a thorax risked to receive the forward passenger, and here blow with partial overlapping the car parried more better – here all are limit to the rais loading who could test a torso of the driver.


On a photo: Ford Galaxy

The most great risk are b by blows behind: level of danger of reception of a hlystovy trauma of a neck back passengers are in a red zone.

With protection of small passengers of problems is not present. As to pedestrians at an estimation 79 % danger are represent by forward racks. For equipment systems of safety of Galaxy receiving 71 %.

Let's remind that recently Euro NCAP publishing results of krash-tests of crossovers of Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7. Both models overc a treasured lath in 90 % for protection of the forward passenger and the driver, ha typ 97 and 94th percent accordingly.

The club of "honors pupils" of safety including also Skoda Superb of actual generation which also without problems earning the five stars.

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