Turbocharged V-shaped "figure eight" Ferrari 488 Spider produces 660 horsepower at 8000 rpm.

The new Ferrari 488 Spider is equipped with a retractable roof, like the previous generation, the index bore 458. According to engineers of the Italian company, hard-top is 25 kilograms lighter than the cloth roof, thus lifting or folding it needs only 14 seconds. The folded roof is located above the engine compartment, without betraying their presence.

Despite the fact that the car has lost fixed roof, according to Ferrari, the stiffness of the body torsion remained the same. Thanking for it to be a space frame, made of 11 different aluminum alloys in combination with other metals, including magnesium. Compared with the 458 Spider model body rigidity has increased by 23%.

Roadster 50 kilograms heavier than the coupe version, but its predecessor, he "wins" about 10 kilograms.

Suspension of the 488 Spider a little "dismissed" by making it more comfortable than the coupe 488 GTB. Still, "sexy" roadster looks more organically on the coast than on the racetrack.

In order to ensure driver and passenger additional comfort when driving with the roof, equipped with Spider 488 adjustable in three positions retractable rear screen.

As for the engine, it is identical to the "heart" of the model GTB and its 660 "horses" allows you to accelerate to "hundreds" of 3.0 seconds. The maximum speed is 327 kilometers per hour.

Recall that its open sports car Huracan Spyder unveiled and the company Lamborghini. If you focus on factory data, the Lambo will not as quick, as the 488 Spider, as the acceleration to "hundreds" she takes 3.4 seconds, and the "maximum speed" is 324 km per hour.

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