The company Interbrand "refreshed" annual ranking of the most expensive brands. In the coveted top-14 hit a hundred car companies, as well, the most expensive of which is recognized as the Japanese Toyota.

Toyota is celebrating another victory, this time was the most expensive car brand rankings according to Interbrand. The market value of the brand is estimated at 49.048 billion dollars, which guarantees not only the Japanese leadership among car manufacturers, but also the sixth position in the overall standings. By the way, in comparison with the last year Toyota has grown in value by 16%. Second place awarded BMW (37,212 billion dollars) and closed the top three Mercedes (36,711 billion dollars).

In the photo: the most expensive automobile brands in the world - Toyota, BMW and Mercedes

The only brand in the ranking, whose value has fallen since last year, became a defendant in the scandal diesel Volkswagen, valued at 12.454 billion dollars (minus 9% compared to last year). However, this did not prevent the Germans occupied the fifth place. For the first time in the Interbrand ranking has got brand Mini.


The most expensive car brands in 2015 according to Interbrand Interbrand

  1. Toyota (49,048 bln. Dollars. + 16%)
  2. BMW (37,212 bln. Dollars. + 9%)
  3. Mercedes-Benz (36,711 bln. Dollars. + 7%)
  4. Honda (22,975 bln. Dollars. + 6%)
  5. Volkswagen (12,545 bln. Dollars., -9%)
  6. Ford (11,578 bln. Dollars., +6%)
  7. Hyundai (11,293 bln. Dollars., +8%)
  8. Audi (10,328 bln. Dollars., +5%)
  9. Nissan (9,082 bln. Dollars., +19%)
  10. Porsche (8,055 bln. Dollars., +12%)
  11. Kia (5,666 bln. Dollars., +5%)
  12. Chevrolet (5,133 bln. Dollars., +2%)
  13. Land Rover (5,109 bln. Dollars., +14%)
  14. Mini (4,243 bln. Dollars., дебютант)


In the photo: the place from 4 to 14 took Honda, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai, Audi, Nissan, Porsche, Kia, Chevrolet, Land Rover and Mini