Small car with Korean roots, which for 15 years was delivered to Russia from Uzbekistan, will undergo significant changes - it told representatives of GM Uzbekistan at the launch of a new brand Ravon in Moscow.

Recall that the brand Ravon get cars, previously known under the trademark Uz-Daewoo - Concern General Motors gradually cut production of cars under this old Korean brand, once bought by Americans.

As for the "old-new» Ravon Matiz, the major renovation - in the cabin. Avtomobilchik, sold almost unchanged since 2000, will get a new interior and a package of previously inaccessible to him options: ABS, airbags, and full-time immobilizer. Will Matiz and updated looks, new bumpers, grille and optics.

According to preliminary data, the motor will remain the same - 0.8-liter inline "troika" power 52 hp, and the choice of transmissions will still be limited to 5-step "mechanics". For prices and time to market is unknown.

And voiced the Russian version of the name - Ravon correctly pronounced "Ravon" and not as "Reyvon." The name - an abbreviation of Reliable Active Vehicle ON road, that the English can be translated as "robust active transport on the road." In addition, the Uzbek language "Ravon" - this is a direct way to the net.