Where to go after Everest? Most climbers will answer "Victory!"

Why? It's simple, “Pobeda Peak” is the highest mountain of the Tien Shan ridge, its height is 7,439 m. There are several other high mountains in Kyrgyzstan, such as: “Lenin Peak” 7,134m. "Khan-Tengri Peak" 7,010m.

In the photo: Pobeda Peak, the highest mountain in the Tien Shan ridge.

It is because of the mountains that tourists from all over the world come to Kyrgyzstan in winter. What could be better than to leave the city bustle for a week and relax, go mountaineering, go snowboarding or skiing. The main ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan are: Karakol, Orlovka, Chunkurchak, Kashka-Suu.



Even if you do not have your own car, this is not a problem, you can rent a car suitable for a trip to the mountains! For example: the ideal car would be a Toyota 4Runner or Lexus GX 470. The entire list of available cars for rent!