In the USA, sold almost half a million diesel cars Volkswagen and Audi, equipped with special software for the manipulation of data on emissions to air.

How passes Automotive News, the US Agency for Environmental Protection EPA found that filtration of exhaust gases on some models equipped with the two-liter diesel engine, thanks to a special program is included only for the period of state tests. The rest of the emissions exceed the permissible 40 times.

Turbocharged V-shaped "figure eight" Ferrari 488 Spider produces 660 horsepower at 8000 rpm.

The new Ferrari 488 Spider is equipped with a retractable roof, like the previous generation, the index bore 458. According to engineers of the Italian company, hard-top is 25 kilograms lighter than the cloth roof, thus lifting or folding it needs only 14 seconds. The folded roof is located above the engine compartment, without betraying their presence.

Hatchback got eye-catching design in the style of the hydrogen model Mirai, "acute" landing gear, as well as more economical powerplant.

Fourth-generation Prius is a very important model for the company Toyota, because it is the first car that is based on a new global platform TNGA. With this hybrid hatchback was a modern chassis with McPherson front suspension type and design of the double wishbone rear, which replaced the old torsion. Designers of the Japanese company managed to lower the center of gravity, which is also beneficial to drivability.

This time to severe test subject the versatile person of Toyota Avensis and a couple of minivans: Volkswagen Touran and Ford Galaxy. All examinees receiv the maximum five stars.

The versatile person of Toyota Avensis during Euro NCAP krash-dough proving "good fellow". For protection of the driver and the forward passenger the car typing 93 %, thus the best result are show at side-winders and behind. And here at both face-to-face blows not all so are unequivocal. Alarm protection of a torso of the forward passenger during a head-on collision, whereas caused face-to-face blow with partial overlapping not set some danger to a torso and feet of the driver. There are a probability of reception of traumas of hips of forward horsemen for both.

Thanks to unique new technology of Transparent Trailer any trailer limit visibility back, will look transparent in a rear-view mirror.

Engineers of the British company continued to gush forth new ideas and successfully them to realize. This time they decide to win blind zones at the review back which was form during towage of a trailer, the trailer for horses or a boat. The transparency of the trailer provided special algorithm of processing of the information from a rear-view camera, pairs chambers in lateral mirrors, and also distantsionno of the work chamber establish on a back wall of the tow trailer.

Experts of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" made a portrait of the Chinese car buyer. It was found that the machines from China more likely to buy men aged 26 to 36 years old. Among the owners of Chinese cars 84% ​​- men and only 16% - women.

44% of owners of cars of Chinese brands - people aged 26 to 36 years old. Motorists aged 36 to 45 years were in the second place - of 29%.

Cars in the USA are rising in price that together with the growing scale of comments altered the balance of power in the local market.

How passes Automotive News, according to a study of Americans' satisfaction with their cars, conducted by the publication of Automobiles Report, against the backdrop of the global economic crisis over the last year the company Mercedes-Benz has given way to the first place in the ranking of the luxury division of Toyota - brand Lexus.


Company Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Renault have developed a special device noise eVADER, that will make electric vehicles more visible to people with low vision.

As transfers edition of Autocar, unusual sound will be broadcast live on the street with six speakers to alert pedestrians and cyclists if these should appear in the field of view camera mounted behind the windshield. Designed by the sound of five decibels quieter than the average emits a petrol or diesel car.

At the end of the year in the Chinese market will the local version of the famous Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

BAIC BJ80S SUV - a full-size copy of the Mercedes G-Class. Initially the model was created for the army, but then it was decided to issue and the civil version (pre-production version was first shown to the public at last year's Beijing Auto Show), but the concern Daimler, which owns part of the stake in the concern BAIC Group, resisted the entry of a clone of the legendary model.

Lamborghini company has presented super-power version Aventador in a body a roadster. New debuted in the competition of elegance at Pebble Beach and was named Aventador. The car will release a limited edition of 500 copies. In Europe, the price of the model will start from 357,000 euros. Sales of the Roadster will begin in early 2016. This is the website

Toyota company is developing a new compact crossover, reports referring to World Car Fans. According to preliminary information, the car will be called Auris Cross. At the moment, the model passes the road test. The public debut of new items will be held at the Geneva Motor Show, which will open in March 2016. The model leneyki car companies will occupy a niche below the RAV4. The main competitor to the crossover will be built at Nissan Qashqai. Avtomobil new global platform of Toyota, which is an analogue of the MQB Volkswagen. With this new product will offer a spacious interior. The model is developed based on the concept of C-HR, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show last year.

Toyota has shown the interior of its new SUV Fortuner. As expected, the interior of the car has a lot to do with soplatformennym pickup Hilux.

However, one hundred percent similarity is still not seen as designers Japanese companies have tried to emphasize the higher status SUV compared with utilitarian pickup truck. In contrast to the predominantly horizontal lines that make up the dashboard Hilux, Fortuner center console flanked by two vertical uprights. In the basic version, they are made of plastic, while the richly equipped versions rack lined with stitched leather.

The network has information about the device LED optics of the new E-Class in the back of W213.

Teardrop shape is similar to that used on the models C-Class and S-Class. During the day, the new lights will shine at full capacity at night - 80%, and during parking brightness automatically falls to 60%. This scheme has been used for reasons of energy saving and safety (in order not to dazzle neighbors downstream).

Автомобильные аварии – настоящий бич современной жизни. По статистике они являются одной из самых распространенных причин преждевременной смерти человека. И эта проблема есть во всем мире – там, где по дорогам ездят автомобили. По статистике, в Кыргызстане в 2014 году было совершено 7 119 ДТП, в которых погибли 1 022 человека, пострадали - 10 510. Главная причина аварий – нарушение правил дорожного движения. Сопутствующая причина - техническая неисправность автомобиля.

Как устроена турбина?

В общем-то, турбокомпрессор устроен просто. Главная деталь — это картридж. Внутри него размещается вал, а с двух противоположных концов к этому валу прикреплены турбинные колеса. Для того чтобы вал нормально вращался и не грелся, к нему под давлением подается моторное масло. Также к картриджу идет и трубка с антифризом для дополнительного охлаждения.